CAUTION: Running is Contagious

People are becoming obsessed with running: ultra challenge, marathon, mud run, color run, neon run, obstacle run etc etc etc… Did you know that it wasn’t as popular ten years ago. Running appears to be epidemic right now. More and more people are getting into it. It is spreading very quickly and affecting everyone in one way or another. Here are some cool stats I’ve learnt:

CAUTION: Running is Contagious

From Visually by Jake ONeal

3 thoughts on “CAUTION: Running is Contagious

  1. I like all that staff with running. When I did it many years ago I felt even an extasy from the one step I did. I am just can’t push myself off my armchair to do it now. I am better give up it now and fill myself with all experience you got. Thank you so much! Why don’t you take in the recent event in Melbourne as it already happened? ))

    • Mike thanks for sharing. Sorry to hear you are not longer running. I am sorry could you explain yourself a little better, I didn’t understand what did you mean by event in Melbourne? Which one? The Cup or you mean the Melbourne marathon couple of weeks ago?

  2. I was so pleased to observe all that pretty photo of woman in the evening dress drunk like a skunk! ))) It’s so funny I can’t help myself! ))

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