Women Defining Their Purpose of Being

On Monday my old friend and I visited an official partnership launch of two organisations. My friend was representing her newborn business Aris-tait and I was attending on the behalf of woman.com.au. It is a some sort of partnership we had there too. What a symbolic day! The launch afternoon tea also took place in the Sydney Barracks Cafe – home to many female orphans and male criminals couple of centuries ago. It was raining heavily on Monday adding a little more of a drama to the event. We walked pass Sydney Parliament House  and one of the main business districts in Sydney trying to have fun rather than being on a mission. And so it was! 🙂

Annablogia: Women Defining Their Purpose of Being

As we arrived to the Cafe, we got instantly introduced to Gillian Franklin, CEO of Heat Group, who came up to us almost as soon as we walked through the doors. I found it very welcoming and warming up. It was a cold day I must say! I couldn’t see the others side representative anywhere; however was looking forward to meeting her too – Jane Hunt, CEO of Fitted For Work. So we’ve got two organisations meeting under one roof in order to celebrate their partnership. Why to bother? Let me explain it to you 🙂

Heat Group is a cosmetics distributor. Fitted For Work is a none for profit organisation helping disadvantaged women to find a job for FREE! Both are women owned and operated. Both are determined to help women follow their dreams. Now, we all know that large business sharks always support charities giving large sums of money away because they get even more back through tax. Clearly, profitable and we all are aware of it BUT if it is a win-win situation for a large number of women and couple of businesses I am incredibly happy!

Meeting Gillian was especially awesome for me. I researched the event fairly well before attending and it happened to be that Gillian is well covered in the media, giving interviews here and there which. I couldn’t stop wondering through the pages of different sites learning more about this gorgeous and fascinating business woman.

One of her interviews with CEO Hub was especially inspiring simply because I stuck to the screen admiring how knowledgeable and courageous this woman was. Growing her business from scratch operating from a local cafe shop is a great example of true passion! NOTHING can stop a passionate person. I am true believer in Passion. This is the only God I worship! And I keep telling everyone that to succeed you need to be obsessed. While watching videos with Gillian and reading couple of articles about her, I couldn’t stop thinking about how many highly talented people are out there, how many amazing projects are completed or never started, how many people will never get on the top and ho many are no longer interested in it… I met some pretty lazy and disinterested people in my life and I only met a handful of amazing and talented women. However on Monday I met and handshaked with a room full of them 🙂

Annablogia: Women Defining Their Purpose of Being - with Julia McPhee and Gillian Franklin

It also happened so that right before going on school holidays finishing my exams, I’ve written a course work on Women in business issue, trying to understand why there are MUCH LESS of them. I was very upset to see such a low mark for my work! Therefore I keep stopping myself from going back to the teacher telling him how wrong he was by trying to bring my spirit down 🙂 Well, regardless of what my lecturer thought, I’ve done a research highlighting THREE main curious points I (!) discovered along the way of reading books, following forums and talking to people. I found some stats and opinions as well as behavioral research papers. I came up with three big points of view which clearly can be broken down into to smaller works (further on):  1. women are still discriminated at work, 2. women are hardly discriminated but not interested in working, 3. women’s brain is not wired for most of men’s jobs. You can read more about in my earlier post Women in The Modern World.

And here I am in the room of about just under 100 women half of whom are CEOs and the rest are media representatives. A room full of business women who gathered together taking the rest of the working day off to join Gillian Franklin and Jane Hunt in their celebration. I am sure everyone were very interested in networking, not just tasty sandwiches, lack of alcohol [well, I managed to get a glass of bourbon anyway :)] and moving speeches. Some were crying, some were laughing and others exchanging their business cards. I also arrived home with a stack of different cards from here and there, thinking I should probably get my own too 🙂 Since I quit my job I no longer carry the business cards so I kinda felt naked.

Annablogia: Women Defining Their Purpose of Being - Aris-tait

Talking about being naked, an earlier mentioned friend of mine has just started her fashion business. Remember I was talking about passion and success? I believe that starting something new is always a little scary and definitely with a lot of potential errors. Similarly to newborns learning how to walk, a starting up business has high chances of bumping into obstacles and issues almost all the time along the way. However, it can definitely be reduced by preparing a business plan in advance, receiving higher budget and simply being stubborn and obsessed enough to never give up. Being very passionate about something can break any wall! I know people who keep asking me about it every time we have similar discussion.  Most of the time I get asked how did I find my passion…

Well, as I was listening to Gillian’s speech on Monday I came to realisation that often PASSION, PATIENCE and BELIEVE are enough to build an empire! The rest of skills, knowledge and other resources will be picked up along the way 🙂 As for my passion, well I always knew what I DIDN’T want therefore whatever was left was within my desire. I chose writing about a year ago and while I am currently on the pick of my passion I shuffle, expand and shrink  my hobbies and desires, making new passions up. I don’t think we are limited to ONE passion only but we definitely need one-thing-focus for each 🙂

I also want to mention that Fitted For Work is a donation based organisation! Please feel free to check their work out and be a part of this awesome organisation – they seeking volunteers, accept business clothing, shoes and accessories as well as money donations. If you have a pair of beautiful shoes women can wear to a job interview and you are no longer wearing them, feel free to contact Fitted For Work and they will be endlessly grateful. They are located in couple of cities but can also organise a pick up for your drop off 🙂

Annablogia: Women Defining Their Purpose of Being - Fitted For Work


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