Angels Wear Prada Too: My Strange Fashion Experience

As I am sure you would know I am not a fashion queen and prefer to keep my dress ups simple and comfy. I’ve always liked baggy and colourful clothes and never cared for what others think of my taste. I’ve always been certain that my style is great, my taste is perfect and I have no issues combining styles and colours. Once I wore long red coats, dyed hair in green, combined with large purple boots  and elegant black umbrella in my hand. These days are finally over (thank God lol) and I am no longer a teen. Now as I am getting closer to my 30s I switched to dresses and absolutely adore office look. I am no fan of jewelry or  shoes and honestly absolutely hate shopping with all my heart. However, never say never! I am a very opened to experiences person, trying to give it a go whatever it is.

Thursday the 21st of November was a long night shopping as it is every Thursday in Sydney. I never really take an advantage of it because as I mentioned I cannot care less for shopping. However this time a friend of mine and a new clothing brand Aris-tait owner invited me to an eye opener evening in the heart of Sydney.

Angels Wear Prada Too: My Strange Fashion Experience

I have a confession to make! Although when I was 15 years old or so I went to a modeling school I’ve never been The Model… If you know what I mean 🙂 I have a very small interest in fashion, I don’t know any brands and don’t follow any trends. I am the loner and a shocker, not a color stylist or fashion enthusiast. I had no idea that there are so many women out there caring for what they wear, how they wear it and how they combine with their accessories and other pieces of clothing.

It was Dijanna Mulhearn’s wardrobe workshop and I sat there listening with a campaign in my hand and opened mouth for a moment before I pulled myself together and started enjoying the event. A room full of gorgeous women wearing different dresses was overwhelming but exciting. I have never been a part of a fashion event and to be honest never planned to. Now, did you know that color the red is a new neutral color together with blue, black and perhaps white? I have never even thought that colors can go out of fashion. However I remember when I got my first red jeans and a male friend of mine said “OMG Anna, not another one” referring to such a large amount of people wearing red jeans in Sydney.

Dijanna Mulhearn wrote a book ‘Wardrobe 101’ which she pretty much covered in her event on Thursday. If you are curious to hear it all, feel free to watch the video below:

Dijanna Mulhearn has over twenty years experience in the fashion industry. From retail to events management and fashion writing Dijanna has worked with major brands including Akira, Belinda boutique and Oroton Australia, managed PR for Harper’s BAZAAR as well as heading up the PR and advertising for luxury label Prada in Australia. Pretty impressive isn’t it 😀 I must add she is also incredibly kind, considerate and sweet. My friend and I had a chance to chat with her after the talk, asking her opinion on the dresses we were wearing and it was the sweetest ever conversation. She is stunning at well!

Angels Wear Prada Too: My Strange Fashion Experience

Dijanna Mulhearn

For me as a writer, an topics are interesting as long as I can see a story there. People are of course number one story of all times. Although I had no interest in fashion it all changed when I got to see so many different characters in one room, admiring their dresses, conversations and interests. So here I am in a designer dress surrounded by a large number of business women dressed up for a high tea event in the middle of shopping stores, sipping my campaign and listening to the speech on how to wear clothes well. Who could have thought! Tell my fiends – they won’t believe (giggling).

As I said, people make stories! Events, clothing or things for this matter are useless without people being there. People make it happen, people make it worth happening. On Thursday I learnt how to section my clothes to look slimmer, taller or bigger in some places if I needed to. Dijanna Mulhearn is a knowledgeable woman leaving her work with Prada in order to communicate her fashion message to other women. Fascinating! I also noticed many ladies who you could tell were learning from Dijanna, buying her books and making notes of her speech. This made me wonder how many women need help with their wardrobe to feel better about themselves. I must say I am happy there are people like Dijanna Mulhearn who can educate others. Although I am not a fashion blogger I realised that fitness or business or marketing are not the only areas people struggle with. There are women needing help with their clothes, accessories and other fashion items as much. In addition, fashion is clearly many people’s passion and I am a strong believer in passion and think that everyone gotta follow theirs. And of course I am sure many women would like to be Carry Bradshaw from Sex and The City for at least one evening 😀 (giggling)

Angels Wear Prada Too: My Strange Fashion Experience

Aris-tait dress, Dijanna Mulhearn’ workshop: Create your perfect summer core wardrobe, Nov 21st 2013

Angels Wear Prada Too: My Strange Fashion Experience Bazar

Angels Wear Prada Too: My Strange Fashion Experience by Wardrobe 101

Don’t worry, my friends I won’t leave my initial passion (fitness & health) alone and be back with new posts I am currently drafting 🙂


13 thoughts on “Angels Wear Prada Too: My Strange Fashion Experience

  1. You look brilliant in that red dress! I don’t give a damn about fashion I am not a fairy )) but I can admit that I like the woman which looks good in all ways! )) Most of all I am glad to see that you look so happy…
    By the way I didn’t get what was happened with your work!? Did you really leave it? Where are you working now or planning to? How is your boyfriend!
    Always yours Mike! ))

    • Hi Mike I dont give a damn about fashion either but I know its nothing to do with fairies and hey they make big money, these fashion addicts 🙂 Yep I quit my old job and its been 3 weeks now since – I am freelancing and having 6 other offers 🙂 I have a big one too – the third interview today, so hoping to ‘pass’ it well and settle there 🙂 My boyfriend is fine. How are you? 🙂 I see you are a regular reader? Where are you from Mike?

  2. I am as always from Russia vicinity! )) And I am trying to be regular as hell but you know how it is. The more you want something the less you think you get it. But I like to read you as well and I hope you’ll get everything you want! ))
    What the direction of work are you choosing know? I mean what are you wana do next?

    • Oh yeah right. Which city? Well when I want something I usually get closer and closer to it not other way round 😀 I quit my job but not the industry – next job would be the same hopefully but better :))

    • Mike, yes I can comment – I was and am in love with work but not the people. Unfortunatelly, I was verbally abused over a long period of time by highly paranoid and unprofessional management 😦 All staff left one by one and their clients – they treat people awfully, lie and blame others for their incompetance. In addition they’ve been in a legal war with their shareholder which is killing the business and makes inner relationship and culture suffer. So a bunch of reason really: no career opportunities, small pay & abusive environment. What do you do?

  3. “How are you?”

    I am so glad that you are interesting in me somehow! )) I don’t know what to say to keep your interest steady! ))
    I don’t think that there is something about me that can make you much happier. But if you asking I’ll try to say somathing…)) I am working my ass off in the pharmaceutical industry at the time to make the insulin for diseased people. Just to let them to live a little bit longer… I should think about… I want to write «people» but in the reality about myself… «the salary!» – you how it is! )))
    I have the engineering – chemistry education and I like to contrive something new. I like to draw new eco buildings and I am thinking about some project which will livable in Russia.
    Just for fun I can tell you about some of my previous «invention» – it’s a lot of fun! )) It will take a really good time to tell about… Maybe If you’ll need some fun for your new book I’ll try to be helpful! )))
    By the way did you read the book «Five secrets you must discover before you die.» John Izzo.
    I downloaded it some months ago and only now I get it opened to read. And you know what – it’s interesting! And I like to know how you like it… ))

  4. We are together in our trying to help people to live more… and more… happy. And I am so proud about what you are doing right now without any salary. You are just like an angel in Prada who want more and more people to be involved in happiness. And you know what I am in your net! And I can say that it make me feel ecstasy to see you, to speak to you! You are the hero of my life! I don’t want to be eloquent, just do what you are doing!
    I want you best!

  5. “Unfortunatelly, I was verbally abused over a long period of time by highly paranoid and unprofessional management All staff left one by one and their clients – they treat people awfully, lie and blame others for their incompetance. In addition they’ve been in a legal war with their shareholder which is killing the business and makes inner relationship and culture suffer. So a bunch of reason really: no career opportunities, small pay & abusive environment. ”

    I think every second person can apply this to their job! )) I left my previous job just about the same reason even the salary was high twice! )) I like to read and study something new every minute. My education is chemistry technology and I should work like an engineer. But I prefer to take some simpler job now to have the opportunity to read and study more! ))
    I was living in the south west district of Moscow during ten years where was located the institute I had been studied. The name of that wonderful institute is The Moscow Academy of Fine Chemical Technology. )) I was really fun I can admit! I had a lot of friends, most of which now work abroad.
    I was living in students’ dormitory because the city I am from is approximately 70 km to the south of Moscow.

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