Staying Fit and Healthy in Las Vegas, The Cycling Sin City

I have never been to the USA and always dreamed about going there. For someone carrying a Russian passport, it will remain a dream for a bit longer (giggling). However while countries are sorting their spies issues out, we have the Internet which connects people from all over the world (unless it is banned lol).

Australia and America are two lucky countries with existing freedom of speech. This is how I met Bridget D’Sophia who is a self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie and fitness fanatic. She has lived in various places in the U.S. and abroad and has had the pleasure of experiencing the fitness culture in those places. She lives in Las Vegas, Nevada with her cat, Godric. Bridget shared her experience of staying fit in the Sin City where drinking, eating, lusting and gambling seems to be a priority. Interestingly, Las Vegas also cares for its dwellers and their well being. Here is Bridget’s story:

Annablogia: Staying Fit and Healthy in Las Vegas, The Cycling Sin City

Many people are interested in losing weight and taking on a regular fitness routine, but they feel that going to the gym every day, or just a few days out of the week, will take up too much of their personal time. Like others, I [Bridget] tried to go to the gym each evening after work and after a while, got frustrated with my hectic schedule. Plus, the atmosphere of the gym was not something that I looked forward to every day once the work day was over. I had thought about adding more outdoor fitness activities to my workout routine, but living in the city made hard for me to take a stroll around town or ride my bike to the market.

*I absolutely agree with Bridget here. I’ve been struggling with my gym routine partially because of the atmosphere there which was and is plain depressing and hectic! Training outdoor is becoming more and more attractive to me. Luckily, living in Sydney makes it possible to exercise outdoor, in my opinion.  

When I [Bridget] relocated to Las Vegas a few years ago, I was faced with the same dilemma as before. I wanted to begin an outdoor exercise routine but how would that even be possible in the heart of Sin City? I soon realized that I was wrong in assuming that Vegas didn’t have any type of outdoor recreation options for me to take part in. In fact, the city is full of many natural settings where anyone can keep up with their daily fitness habit.

Las Vegas is in the middle of the Mojave Desert, which is home to miles and miles of amazing bike trails. The beautiful scenery helps to make the ride even more enjoyable and soon enough you will be riding for miles without even realizing it. Whenever I want to find a new place to ride I always check out this resource to find new and exciting trails. This site can help you find your way around the landscape of the desert so that you will not get lost while you are out there having fun.

Annablogia: Las Vegas, The Cycling Sin City, Mojave Desert

Cycling in Mojave Desert, Las Vegas, ND

* This is a good idea to be checking the route before hitting it. In my experience I’ve done it before going on unfamiliar trail runs and bush walks; however with my always no reception phone, it can be tricky. Living in the middle of the desert in the USA can be really exciting. I don’t think Australian Simpson desert of any other Norther Territory desert or bush are much inviting for cycling. I wonder what others think though… 

Many people may not know that the city of Las Vegas was recently named one of America’s Cycle Friendly Cities. The League of American Bicyclists presented this title. While that may seem unusual to some visitors to the area, it is no surprise to those of us who call Las Vegas home. Over the past several years, $0.5 million dollars were spent on installing new bike racks and lockers to the downtown Vegas area. The city has also added 390 miles of bike lanes, which makes riding your bike around town very convenient.

Staying Fit and Healthy in Las Vegas, The Cycling Sin City

The League of American Bicyclists has declared Las Vegas and three local businesses as bicycle friendly

Annablogia: Staying Fit and Healthy in Las Vegas, The Cycling Sin City sunrise

If you are planning to visit the Las Vegas area, there are incredible resources available that can help you find fitness-friendly hotels that will help you to stay on track while you are away from home. Before I moved to Las Vegas to stay, I visited a few times and was able to find several great hotels that provided me with access to professional style gyms as well as exceptional outdoor fitness activities. The staff is often very helpful when it comes to recommending outdoor activities in the area that I could take part in.

Along with adding more bike trails and other fitness friendly amenities around town, Las Vegas is also turning to more health-conscious food and beverage options. Juice bars and vegan style restaurants are turning up all over time as well as restaurants that offer paleo, vegetarian and other diet-friendly foods. If you have always wanted to visit the city of Las Vegas, and have recently started a new diet and exercise routine, now is the best time to visit this exciting city full of beautiful sights and many healthy options to discover.

* I am sure though that when people visiting Las Vegas they want to embrace rather than cycle or follow their diet. The citizens of the Sin City though are definitely benefiting from all the new development happening there. I am very pleased to hear about it because as soon as I can, Las Vegas will be m first place to visit. I believe it would be a great trip full of challenges and temptations. Apart from Americans driving on the wrong side of the road (giggling) there is so much more new and odd to explore that doing it on the push bike can be in fact and awesome idea 😀 

Annablogia: Staying Fit and Healthy in Las Vegas, The Cycling Sin City on the road


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