Early Christmas Talk: No Resolutions & Welcome a Newborn

I am here today to discuss one of the busiest times of the year – December… I believe that even Summer tax period isn’t as crazy as December is. I am sure it gets noisy all over the world around the time when Christmas comes.

Double Trouble – Two Xmases

Just like last year I will be out in the bush, on the farm with my partner’s family celebrating cozy and unusual Christmas. Just like last year and other four years before I will be having Australian Xmas in December and Russian Xmas in January.

Annablogia: Merry Russian Xmas

Since Russians are mostly Orthodox, their Xmas time falls on January. No magic or different time calculations. Russians used to use a different calendar which basically means they moved the date when Jesus was born.

It happened so because no one still can prove the existence of  that young boy who claimed to be the son of God so they used to believe he was born on that day. But later on in time people found different “prove” of Jesus’s birthday being on another day. Look, he was born in July or June according to some other sources but Australians like to believe that December is the right time whereas Russians go with January.

I am personally an atheist and have been celebrating Xmas on the 7th of January since I was born because Xmas is a highly religious day back in Russia. It has little to do with drinking and eating but rather spending half a day in a dark and cold church listening to priests talking … well, something. I can’t speak ancient Russian.

Moving to Australia meant adopting new culture and having Xmas in December which feels odd indeed. Not to mention it is almost 40 degrees of heat on that day whereas Russians are trying their best to stay in, avoiding getting frozen to death. Despite the great changes and my atheism I absolutely adore Australian Xmas.

Busy Busy Maya The Bee

However Christmas  puts a lot of extra pressure on everyday life. Deadlines become super tight, money vanish and people get stressed and irritated causing dramas and often get upset with each other. Not something Christmas is about! As for myself, I quit my job in November therefore I was sure I’d have a lot of time to be well prepared for this December madness. The truth is I forgot the last time I slept and lost the count of cups of coffees I consumed. I am not even going to mention the vanished money in my bank account. Just like every year this year December crawled up unexpectedly fast!

Early Christmas Talk: No Resolutions & Welcome a Newborn

Every year right before New Year steps in everyone likes to highlight their old year (which I will definitely do in my next post), summing up their success or misfortunes, promising to live a new life starting on the January the 1st! I’ve never been a big fan of resolutions; however used to write a list of things to do in New Year as well. This time I am NOT having a list and not making any promises. All I care for is to carry on doing what I am doing. I am fairly bored of having this idea of a LINE between one year and another which when you cross it, you sort of get a second chance or a re-birth… every year. Personally I cannot wait for all this to be over so I can get some sleep 😀

Right before sitting down and blogging today I had a choice of going to bad and catching up on my beauty sleep or blogging and depriving myself from some sweet time of being unconscious. It is very hard to force yourself to stop when you love something. Did you know that many Russian poets (and I am sure as much as English, German or Italian lol) and writers almost starved themselves to death while writing because they wouldn’t feel time or hunger, literally forgetting to eat? Lucky them, they had their wives or lovers to come to rescue them. I am on other hand have to put small timers and alarms here and there to remind myself to get other duties done and stop writing or researching. Writing is the only activity which gets me carried away for hours and hours. However I don’t always have to be in front of my computer to write…

Welcome My Newborn

I often go for a jog and end up walking half way through because something pops up in my mind and I am writing it down in my Evernote to make sure I remember it when I get home. It is frustrating when you actually trying to get some running done but get your writing in order instead 😀 Once I was running thinking that I needed a small change in order to expand my blogging and narrow down at the same time… So I decided that my Annablogia space is not going to about running (or any exercising for this matter) anymore. I’ve designed a new place for my passion – Fit For Fun.

Annablogia presents Fit For FunI am VERY sorry it is not ready yet! I was meant to launch it in November and couldn’t prioritize it whatsoever due to a number of reasons. It just wasn’t meant to happen, I guess. I am telling you about it though because I want to explain that Annablogia will no longer be that much about exercising. This blog will shift a little into other things I’ve been blogging about for the last year.  I want to spend more time researching matters I care for so much including my work about introverts, management and leadership issues including motivation and persuasion. My Opinion category will grow and expand dramatically. I will definitely post fitness related work here from time to time; however really hoping to eventually shift to Fit For Fun blog for good (fitness wise). I’ve decided to share this information and my feelings about it NOW because it is very symbolic to adopt something new or metamorphose something old before walking into a New Year. Although I am not making any resolutions I will say that I will promise to carry on being who I am 😀


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