Pre-Xmas Run

Instead of falling into the endless partying hole this year, I decided to start it with a two hour trail jog in the Sydney Harbor from Balmoral Beach to Chowder Bay through Bradleys Head. I didn’t quit make it to the Taronga Zoo (as I was planning) because was running out of time but still completed over 10km walk / run / jog which was a real wake up call – Anna you are bloody unfit again, ull your shit together please! 😛

Pre-Xmas Fun Run Pre-Xmas Run resting by the water

Pre-Xmas Run 10kmPre-Xmas Run back to childhood

Pre-Xmas Run Sydney

It was a madly humid day with over 30 degrees (C) so even walking was fairly painful. And the stairs! OMG this place has some stairs! Awesome track! I am hoping to be back next year and finish it up to the Zoo and back hopefully at least jogging the entire thing!

Trail running is really fun! When I was a child I used to spend hours on my own in the bush, running around from or after the all sort of imaginary creatures playing with my imagination. Getting back into bush walks and trail runs is like getting back to childhood but on a whole different level.

Sydney has so man amazing tracks to check out I don’t know if my entire life is enough to run them all (giggling) 😀


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