Welcome to 2014: Getting Back in Shape

Now, when the over-eating and over-drinking holidays are over, most of us are back to work still feeling tired and dusty. This is due to the over-indulging Christmas and New Year celebration. Many of us worked really hard throughout the 2013 and wanted to just let it go and loosen up for a bit. The ‘bit’ often ends up in more than we though and without noticing we are off the track. How to get back to the training routine, sleeping pattern and healthy choices?


Welcome to 2014: Getting Back in Shape City2Surf, Sydney 11 Aug 2013

City2Surf, Sydney 11 Aug 2013

This might sound controversial to you but I realised that if I don’t have fun I don’t really want to work! It comes to everything: my relationship, my career, my fitness… As soon as I am drained and bore, none of the mentioned interest me anymore. I visited my local gym today to see how I feel about resistance training. I didn’t jump straight into weights by myself, I attended a body pump class. I wasn’t very surprised to see no one I used to train with before 2014 kicked in but many seriously obese women. Many of us make New Year resolutions and one of them is to get fit and healthy. STOP doing it! I mean the resolutions, of course! You rarely stick to them! make goals but have fun! I am extremely happy to see all these women sweating and screaming lifting iron. However I bet you hat about 70% of them will quit two weeks into training. They often leave it because it becomes draining, too hard, too all the same and plain boring! I am with you here! I cannot stand doing identical task over and over again without a challenge, a change and some fun. When you are exercising because it makes you feel cool and you wear smile in the gym (or where ever your fitness take place) you don’t notice how time flies hence you stress less about your goals. Focusing too much on losing your holidays kilos can destroy the entire fitness enthusiasm. Having fun with friends in the gym, on the running track, in the pool, climbing rocks, bush walking, cycling or whatever ‘weapon’ you chose makes your progress twice faster!


Welcome to 2014: Getting Back in Shape

From the West to the East 40 km cycle

I know we all are very different. Some people are better of making loud promises and than sticking to them whereas others are better of keeping everything to themselves. Either way I found it helpful to start getting back to your fitness routine by doing something out side your routine! Go kayaking if you never done it before, try rock climbing if it’s something you’ve always been scared of, try fishing out especially if you find it boring or take up boxing, horse riding and sky diving. Maybe not everything at once (giggling)! Before making a commitment to lose weight, gain muscle or tone up, have some more fun. No more drinking or eating fun of course! For example, my partner and I went for a 40km push bike ride. None of us really planned; however both wanted to step out of our usual cycling routine along the river and back. So we decided to cycle to the beach. We live on the west, far from the beach in Sydney. Or so we thought! It in fact is only 20 km one way to get to the cooling ocean waters (with a lot of cycling short cuts of course). Although cycling is nothing out of ordinary for us, it was a challenge and an mind opener to go beyond our normal push. Therefore my advice would be to take up something new, different even if it is not too different from what you are used to. New Year often feels like a new page for many people so why not to actually behave like there is one. The trick though is to carry on!


Welcome to 2014: Getting Back in Shape

This is where you have to make a conscious decision. This is where there is no more ‘oh I”ll just have one drink’ or ‘one bite won’t hurt me’ or ‘I am too tired today to exercise’ or even ‘but I am having my period’! None of these should ever come out from your mouth again. However no torture or ‘too hard’ is required either. Remember, #1: FUN FUN FUN?! Keep it fun! Be proud of what you are doing! Share it with other! Or keep for yourself! Make selfies and don’t care what they say! Start a fitness blog! Make new friends! Dumb old ones if you need to! Commitment is where you are 100% sure this is what you want. If it is too hard, it is probably not 100 isn’t it?!


Welcome to 2014: Getting Back in Shape Urbanathlon, 16 June 2013

Urbanathlon, 16 June 2013

Just like your first steps in your life, you might suck at starting up. Therefore if you are having fun, trying new things out and 100% committed to succeed, DON’T quit it all if you failed to fulfill some, usually, imaginary goals. Why imaginary? Well, people often set, for whatever reasons, impossible goals getting upset when don’t reach them. This is where you need as much firmness ad flexibility! Be firm with your goals but flexible with your approaches! This is where you need to remember not to give up if it all gets too hard. Try again! Try again! Try again! Albert Einstein said ‘You never fail until you stop trying’. This is not just words! Think about it! Today you might have slipped into your old routine, putting track pants on making yourself a bowl of chips. Well, too bad! However it is any better if you keep mentally abusing yourself for a day off? If you promise to step back in your running shoes tomorrow, by all means, enjoy your chips please (giggling)! I will be kicking your ass tomorrow and we will be having fun doing it!


Welcome to 2014: Getting Back in Shape  Raw Challenge 16 March 2013

Raw Challenge 16 March 2013

And finally, when making a promise to yourself to be a ‘better’ person fitness or personality wise, keep it as realistic as you can. Many of us want to change our lives when new year kicks in; however it might be not what we need. Losing some weight, toning up or maybe entirely changing our looks can be achieved if you keep it real. Don’t make impossible promises. However if you feel like you can run a marathon every month over a year, lease do so!


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    • Depends, really 🙂 I am sure Japan is awesome for skiing and Amerca has perfect running paths whereas surfing is amazing in Portugal :)) However I agree Australia is fitness freaks magnet!

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