The Stories You Missed in January

I am a little dusted, tired and sleep deprived but I am here, I am alive! Today I want to sum up our first month together in 2014!

It’s been just over a month since the new 2014 year started. I am not sure how is your resolution list going but I am not ticking anything off. Oh yeah hold on, I don’t have a resolution list this year! January was full of surprises for me as well as a filled with many international news I was glued to.

Moreover all the birthdays, weddings and engagement parties decided to fall on January so I was busy recovering most of January, clearly not worrying much about my body or health. In addition to that I have finally gotten some clarity in my life (as much as it is possible), goals and vision wise.

The Stories You Missed in January

As I am sure you noticed I’ve updated my blog a little, changing its facade but not the core – it will remain to be a fun and slightly confusing blog of mine where I can express my opinions and views without being burnt down like a witch. I have also started a new web site, my professional space which is still work in progress hence I will share it with you as soon as it’s completed, not earlier.

I am currently holding three jobs (including my site) and having my parents visiting very soon. BUSY AS A BEE doesn’t even start to describe my life at this moment. This is my excuse I guess for not posting anything for a while.

Let’s move on now.

Madonna loves Russian ‘Pussy’

Pussy riots‘ (music band) together with financial fraud and country’ treason convicts were granted amnesty last year prior to the Sochi Olympics. Everyone’s free and happy, many migrated overseas as soon as left their prison sells without even popping in home. Fair enough! Others though, like Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alyokhina, are taking some rest and befriending the right people.  Madonna is taking the band under her wing and will introduce two formerly jailed members of the Russian punk band to the stage. Here is Madonna’s support ‘speech’ I found rather interesting.

Frozen Sochi

As you know the Games start on the 7th of February and will  continue throughout the month till the 23rd. Exciting! I am still over the Moon with me not understanding how the heck Russia got to host Olympics. I am sensing corruption went viral (laughing)!

My naive and ignorant self was sure that Sochi simply can’t SNOW hence hosting WINTER Olympics Games in the none snowing town is a little unreasonable. I could not be more wrong! This New Year Moscow celebrated it dry and snowless. A month later Siberia lost 100 citizens in the -40 freezing nature blast. Sochi, which is 1000 km south from Moscow, had a power cut off due to the unexpected cold. Well, I guess I was wrong all along and now very excited to watch winter Olympic Games – you never know what happens next, Russia is like a broken bomb, it can go off any time (laughing) or never at all.

Sex, Drugs and Four Ingredients of Success 

Have you seen ‘The Wolf of Wall Street?‘? It is based on the true story of Jordan Belfort, from his rise to a wealthy stockbroker living the high life to his fall involving crime, corruption and the federal government. Do you like porn, drugs, money and history? Well, this movie is for you than! Apart from that of course it is an incredible story of a very clever and very hungry man – hungry for everything: money, sex, drugs…You name it! In reality though, he is a thief who stole an endless amount of money also cheating on his own co-workers (when co-operating with federals). He is required to give 50% of his income to his victims, to whom he owes an estimated $110 million. Belfort has already paid back $11 million of the restitution.

Regardless, many people reach out to Jordan to learn his exceptional people’s persuasion skills. I decide to try it myself and watched couple of his videos I could find. Here is one of them:

There are several reasons why I liked the interview and felt like I had to share it with you. I believe you can make your own opinion of this man by just listening to him and observing his behavior. Apart from constructing a judgmental opinion of Jordan, I want to point out how simple and straight forward his system of success is. He is talking about four (4) things / ingredients of success in ANY industry, field, part of life whether it is business, relationship, sport or anything, really. Moreover I was absolutely stunned by his ability to stay focused. The idiot host was an absolute failure in my opinion (sorry I tired to avoid judging him) who was steering an interesting conversation into some pointless drug stories making inappropriate remarks and pushing his own ‘fairy tails’ of once being on a private jet. How rude! However, let’s learn from Jordan and ignore the bastard staying on the track. Watch the video and find the four ingredients of success. They are SO spread out throughout the interview that if you tell me what they are, I will give you a prize!!!

Just Don’t Be Gay

On the 1st of March Sydney will celebrate GAY again (giggling)! Starting from the 7th of February and stretching all the way to the 2nd of March Sydney will be partying, watching drag races and drink Cosmopolitans on Oxford street because it is Mardi Gras, babe! it’s back in town! My parents will be around for the event which I am extremely excited about. My folks are not the oldest school ever; however were brought up and live in the country were gay parade was banned and propaganda of gay is in fact illegal. Although my parents obviously don’t hold anything against different sexualities, they are definitely under a lot of pressure of the community. Unfortunately, you are either straight or dead (in Russia).

I am embarrassed to admit but a few Russian and Australian friends of mine not only against gay but often express their discomfort of living in the same country with homosexuals. I say, change the country… but than they find me rude (giggling). The hatred derives from ignorance (and see, I am trying my best not to say ‘stupidity’) and fear. Watch this video I found the other day. If it doesn’t make you sick, you are probably a homophobic, or fearing difference, in other words:

Note that in one of the scenes, a lady, holding a religious icon, says that in Russia we don’t need sexual education. If you carry on watching you’ll see more religious people confronting gay Russians trying to explain that God sees them as siners. People swear on the background, others bash women and men for being gay and police arrests crowds… I am not a specialist in religion but I remember in my history classes how people used to burn red-headed women down (several centuries ago) because religion dictated to do so. I am very embarrassed, sickened and often angry with the Russian approach to homosexuality. To my great surprise, only about a half of the Russian population thinks or knows for sure that gay isn’t a choice, lifestyle or an illness. The rest of this giant country wishes nothing but death to all the homosexuals.

The Stories You Miss


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