Sochi Olympics Confession: I Don’t Watch The Games

The Sochi Olympics is on and the whole world is glued to their TVs supporting their local teams and sportsmen (& women). It is awesome! Nothing unites people better than sport. On other hand, nothing makes people more stupid, violent and aggressive than sport. I of course cannot be more proud of Russian Olympians who got through to the Games and now fighting for all the gold. However I am not glued to my TV and to be honest not sure if Russia has already won any gold at all. Moreover, I am not really embarrassed by it considering that most of my peers are trying their hardest to guilt me into watching the Games.

Before you lay your inevitable and judgmental perception on me, let me please, not justify, but explain my point of view. Here comes my confession!

First of all, I lied! Well, not in an evil way! I don’t watch the Games and don’t follow the count but inevitably become aware of what’s happening in Sochi therefore I know that Russia isn’t doing that great just yet. Toughen up comrades!!! The world is watching!

Sochi Olympics Confession: I Don't Watch The Games - medals count


Sport was and is a compulsory subject  in schools and most Universities in Moscow (Russia) where I am from. Russia , as I am sure many of you would know, is a very strong and fairly rough country. Russians gotta be first, gotta be the best, gotta be on the Moon (even though they haven’t ). it is a great spirit with one little flow – it doesn’t help Russia to be a better place.

I avoided physical education during my school times by switching my public school to a private one with no sports classes or facilities.  It was fantastic back than because no one usually likes to go for 100m sprint followed by 5km run and another hour of all sorts of throwing, jumping over and running after classmates “fun”. Especially if all of the above happens in winter inside a tiny freezing school with no showers.

Looking back, I of course wish I was into sports back than but I had more “important” things to do rather than care for sport. Apart from not participating much, no one in my family ever watched sport which made me naturally go with the flow and never care for yelling and cheering on TV. I though played soccer, enrolled in fighting classed and done about four years of figure skating followed by tennis and all sorts of things throughout my teenager-hood. Regardless, I’ve never appreciated or fully enjoyed sport.

When I graduated from high school I was on the way to become an adult, or a university student. It was a very exciting time, filled with hopes and plans, looking forward meeting new people and making something out of myself.

Sochi Olympics Confession: I Don't Watch The Games - RGSU

For the sake of my post today I will skip the juicy details of my five years behind the Marxism & Leninism university walls.

Skiing was compulsory as well as chess at my university which was impossible to get out of. I used to go skiing with my father and never thought anything bad of it till I arrived to my campus skiing site. Well, we had a zero-degrees C changing rooms (on warm days), NO showers or lockers, the entire sports campus was a see-through (clearly required some serious refurbishment) and the skiing site was a 100m oval stadium with a guy on the side with his pants down his knees, masturbating. It was an exciting time NOT. No matter how compulsory skiing (or running in summer) was I managed to find the ways out of most of these classes. Everyone in my year did. Russia is a very flexible country when it comes to cutting corners.

I haven’t been to my university since the graduation in 2008 therefore I honestly hope that it has been upgraded and become an inspiration for our future sportsmen and sportswomen. As for myself, being forced into running and skiing didn’t do me a favor. I’ve never really recovered since struggling with running and hating all kinds of winter sports. I wish now it was different back than. I wish had my fingers in ALL the pies.

Didn’t I mention I used to figure skate? I must admit I used to watch figure skating over 10 years ago after I quit skating myself. I tried to skate again in Sydney; however most of my skills were gone and I ended up leaving the ring with multiple bruises and disappointed ego.  Sochi Veteran Yevgeny Plushenko and precocious Julia Lipnitskaia lifted Russia to its first gold medal of the Sochi Olympics 2014 last Sunday. WOOHAAAHHH!

And of course, my friends, no matter what’s happening in Russia it is most likely a part of Putin’s plan and his plans are never of a benefit to Russia. I don’t want to offend his supporters and followers but I honestly cannot get my head around it  – how the heck Russia got this opportunity to host Olympics?! I cannot be happier for the country but I am also sensing the biggest ever corruption profile case coming out in couple of years after….

Sochi Olympics Confession: I Don't Watch The Games - Putin

For these who want to learn more about Mr Putin, please watch this documentary. It was a jaw dropping experience for me as well.

Putin in my opinion would never do anything good for the country and it’s people if there is no power, money or reputation gain. He is a very competitive man, obsessed with his power and reputation. I guess I never really had that hence didn’t do well in soccer or volleyball as I didn’t share the competitiveness of the team and couldn’t care less for it’s reputation.

I am extremely excited to have Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. However I must admit my excitement derives from a deep and honest hope that the money and the exposure, as a result of this event, will help the country to rise from it’s embarrassing state. Whether it is fighting poverty and terrorism, whether it is educating people about gay and ethics, whether it is fighting for the freedom of speech or rising Russian economy I am hoping that Sochi’s contribution will be the one to dramatically improve the country’s situation. Russia is an amazing place but I don’t dare to call it home because of the corruption, homophobia and ignorance! I believe that Olympic Games is another push towards lifting the half opened iron gates.


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