7 Worst Valentines Day Pressies Ever

Worst Valentines Day Pressies Ever

Love is in the air! However it can be easily weighted down by one fatal mistakes – a wrong present.

While you are flying from shops to shops like a crazy Cupid think again what your beloved one really wants… or more importantly, definitely wouldn’t appreciate to receive as a present. Valentines Day, similarly to many other heavily advertised holidays, brings a lot of confusion and hassle with it.

You think you know your beloved one well enough to find the best present he/ she deserves. Well, let’s examine what kind of mistakes couples often make while in search of best Valentines pressie.

You can still save the Day!

1. SEXY LINGERIE sounds like an awesome idea! What else can be better than a beautiful underwear and a bra specially chosen for your beautiful girlfriend – she thinks you find her incredibly sexy and you get to ask her to try it on. Sounds like a WIN-WIN situation.

Guys, the truth is you often get the size wrong! It can offend ladies – you either don’t love her enough to remember her size or think she is fat. We all know you don’t really mean it but, traditionally, this mistake will bite you back on your birthday.

Worst Valentines Day Pressies - Sexy Lingerie mistake

Same goes for your men, dear ladies. First of all, you are not his mother to buy him underwear. Secondly if you decided to go for the sexy elephant undies make sure first he doesn’t mind such experimenting – man can be very conservative when it comes to sexy-ing them up. My advice, get something sexy too so he feels confident trying eatable underwear or the trivial elephant. I am not a sex consultant so enough about eating panties.

2. A BOX OF CHOCOLATE, in my opinion is always a fail. First of all, ladies are trying to stay away from all these calories you are now imposing on them on Valentines Day. Secondly, I cannot think of a worse cliche – it shows your laziness if not worse – indifference. If you don’t want socks for your birthday, don’t give chocolate for Valentines.

7 Worst Valentines Day Pressies Ever CHOC

If you firmly decided to go with chocolate because your significant other absolutely loves it and never gains any fat, be creative, at least – find a cool wrapping paper and make sure you write a poem or a note coming from your heart, not Coles.

Ladies, we all know men love chocolate. So feel fee to give them their box back if you receive one (giggling). Personally you cannot surprise my boyfriend with a box of chocies. You would have to take him out to the Wonka factory if you’d want to make it special so I am staying away from all the sugary treats this year.

3. FLOWERS is a traditional Valentines’ sign of attention, isn’t it. Sorry guys to disappointing you but you cannot image how much ladies are sick and tired of all same red roses every year. Receiving flowers is certainly great but as a complimentary item. I would also recommend to buy something unusual such as black roses or blue lilies (if such exists)… unless of course your significant other is highly superstitious.

7 Worst Valentines Day Pressies Ever FLOWERS

I think it’s guys time to receive flowers! Imagine how surprised his look would be if you gave him a colorful bunch of daisies (he won’t know the difference anyway), giving him a kiss wishing happy Valentines. I think this is what I am going to do this year just to see my boyfriends face! Priceless!

4. PERFUME is another simple solution to the valentines gift hunt. You cannot be more wrong! First of all, it is hard (almost impossible) to chose the smell he / she is going to like. I once tried something I felt instantly in love with. I bought it a month later proudly presenting to my boyfriend. None of us can stand it now (giggling).

7 Worst Valentines Day Pressies Ever PERFUME

Smells similarly to color and clothes preferences are really hard to guess no matter how much you know your beloved one. Moreover, some people buy the same perfume / cologne their partner use to make sure they get it right. Well, wrong again! I once was trying to switch my perfume choice as I was getting back to the for years. Guess what I got for my birthday as soon as my little bottle was empty?

5. GIFT CERTIFICATES are tricky! I personally don’t mind them; however they can also cause unnecessary quarrels. Make sure you are not getting a sky diving voucher to your under 50kg girlfriend just because you think it is going to be awesome to jump out of plane on the Day together. Also not all the guys want to go to the brewery or do a ghost tour at 5am on Sunday. Just use your common sense and you should be fine.

7 Worst Valentines Day Pressies Ever GIFT CERTIFICATE

I once got a gift voucher for 5 to play paintball. I was sure that my partner would be over the Moon to take his mates out for some shooting action on his birthday (or any day after). Three years later I’ve learnt that my boyfriend doesn’t like paintball (ooops lol). Do you think h’e’s ever redeemed the certificate?

6. FIVE COURSE MEAL seems to be something every man would dream of and every woman would find it as a gesture of your incredible generosity. It’s Valentines Day, the day when your lady dresses up for you and you try your best not to screw up. Well, over eating might be the last thing you both want… especially if you are planning to get kinky later on after your lovely dinner.

7 Worst Valentines Day Pressies Ever DINNER

Some people are not even comfortable to eat much food when on a date, even with a beloved one. Plan something smaller, cuter and not very rich in calories (just a small hint gents). Choosing your venue is also very important. Do you want to have a five course meal on an ocean cruise (with no plans B if your beloved one goes green) or a local pub down the road or a new Thai restaurant you never been too… ? Think it through and take your time making the decision.

If it is a last minute reservation go with something you’ve done many times before to be sure no one gets food poisoning or runs to McDonalds after.

7. SHOES is every woman’s dream, isn’t it?! Not so fast, gentlemen. Even if you know her favorite online shoe shop and her size I doubt you are going to get her style and color right. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely agree that there are some people (maybe even men) out there who see the difference between high heels and flip flops. However similarly to No 1, stay away from getting her shoes unless she’s been nagging you about a certain pair you both seen and tried on.

7 Worst Valentines Day Pressies Ever SHOES

Ladies, choosing shoes for a man can also be a hassle. You know how it is, you only certain that a pair really fits you when you try it on. If you decided to get him a pair of shiny Hugo Boss, you will probably have to drag him to the shop along. Get him a pair of socks otherwise!

Valentines Day is a holiday for everyone in love. Don’t make it difficult or devote to arguing. If you cannot think of any presents, download a movie, put some candles on, order pizza and stay in. No matter what you do, the most important element of your Valentines Day is to be together and love each other.



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