Cycle Your Creativity: a quick booster guide


Creativity Booster Tip No 1

Feeling down? Your muse is gone? Maybe she’s never been there or maybe she stepped outside for some fresh air.

Well, do the same – step outside for some fresh ideas!

Exercising is an amazing creativity booster of all times! WHY?


It often it doesn’t feel like exercising can enhance your creativity! On other hand, it appears to be MORE work and stress when you are already struggling enough! I must admit, I’ve heard people complaining that it only made them more agitated. Physical activities make certain type of people shiver and want to craw back in bed. I understand like no one! Believe me! THE TRICK is to let it help you! You ought to enjoy your time away from the desk and let your brain (or heart) direct you.

Creativity Booster Tip: follow your heart

Although many would say exercising is only helpful when you are fit already. Otherwise it is often considered as a drag! Well, don’t get me wrong, if you are a coach potato and absolutely cool with it you can stop reading this post now (giggling)! However I recommend you stay and continue following my lead!

If you are an active person but lack creativity from time to time or experience a block once in a while, get your bike out of the shed/garage/balcony and go for a long distance ride.


Do you have a tough problem to solve at work? Then tell your boss you’ll be heading out for a run, and that new research sanctions your excursion.

Did you know that  the research, conducted at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands (and published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience) found that regular exercisers performed better on a problem-solving test when they did a short workout. IMPRESSIVE hey!

regular exercisers performed better on a problem-solving test when they did a short workout.

Here is a curious bit of information I highly recommend to consider:

“Overall, the regular exercisers did better than the sedentary people. But the most noteworthy result was that the fit people did better on the convergent-thinking test when cycling than when at rest. The non-fit people, meanwhile, performed worse when cycling than when at rest; the researchers speculate that the unaccustomed activity taxed their brains enough to impair concentration.”

I believe it is time to implement treadmill desks or open gyms in each single office all over the world (giggling).



Jokes aside, moderate exercising can save our lives, jobs and relationships.

Jokes aside, moderate exercising can save our lives, jobs and relationships.

Why relationships? Believe it or not if you are having an argument with your mate or a beloved one, pack your gym gear and take your disagreement to the gym. Minutes into training and you will forget what it all was about.

According to Beverly Whipple, PhD., certified sex researcher and Professor Emerita at Rutgers University of New Jersey and co-author of “The G Spot: And Other Discoveries About Human Sexuality” (Owl Books), there are several reasons- chemical, physical and emotional – why couples who exercise together are also more connected.

Dr. Jane Greer, a marriage and relationship psychotherapist in New York City and author of “What About Me? Stop Selfishness From Ruining Your Relationship”, says sweating it out together is a good way to reduce stress in a relationship while also building better communication and common goals. It’s also a great way to enhance what goes on in the bedroom.

How does  it help your creativity? Well, think about it, How often do you come up with a beautiful marketing idea or sit down to finish your book or find a fantastic cost efficient solution after a stressful argument with your partner, husband, wife or a friend? You see where I am going with it?! 🙂

If you are still not sure this is something you could implement in your life, HAVE A TRY, give it a go and SHARE your results with me on Facbook – prove me wrong! 

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