Spring Cycle Your Body, Summer is on the Way

Spring Cycle comes to Sydney in spring.  Perfect time to challenge yourself cycling for 15, 55 or 100km around Sydney. No good cause unfortunately just a healthy kick before summer takes it rightful place.

Spring Cycle : north Sydney start line

Cycling has never been my favorite type of sport but rather one of a few casual ones. As you can see I ride a $99 (AUD) hybrid push bike. Although I was planning to race on a new $400-600 two wheel friend I stuck with my old good Southern sliver lady road bike.

Starting a race at 7am on other side of the Bridge means getting up at 5am on Sunday, leaving home right before 6am and be ready to cycle away with the shot of the starting gun.  I get up at 5am 6-7 days a week to exercise before a day kicks in therefore I am fairly used to getting up before the  Sun does. However it keeps me tired most of the time.

Spring Cycle was a great opportunity to shake the dust of my 2 year old silver fiend and get these legs of mine working the hardest. I’ve been vigorously exercising for 5 weeks now (before the race started); however mostly lifting weights as always rather than cycling or running as I used to.


Cycling can have positive effects on the way we feel. Cycling can heighten our energy levels and assist in reducing stress, anxiety and depression. It can also improve our mood and raise self-esteem. These benefits are not only a result of the physical activity, but also from the results that we can soon see in our bodies and the way we look.

According to experts from Bristol University, the benefits of cycling extend deep into our core. “Physical activity helps decrease the time it takes food to move through the large intestine, limiting the amount of water absorbed back into your body and leaving you with softer stools, which are easier to pass,” explains Harley Street gastroenterologist Dr Ana Raimundo.

In addition, aerobic exercise accelerates our breathing and heart rate, which helps to stimulate the contraction of intestinal muscles. “As well as preventing you from feeling bloated, this helps protect you against bowel cancer,” Dr Raimundo says. Moreover, cycling is a less impact type of aerobics which potentially causes less impact on our problematic areas such as knees or back.

Researchers from Illinois University found that a five percent improvement in cardio-respiratory fitness from cycling led to an improvement of up to 15 percent in mental tests. Cycling helps build new brain cells in the hippocampus – the region responsible for memory, which deteriorates from the age of 30.

Cycling also has the knock-on effect of boosting our sex drive. It assists in reducing obesity and heart problems, as a result. Fantastic!

And here comes my favorite! As a a representative of the creative community, I know how exercising can assist with creativity. Many writers, musicians, artists, top executives and all kinds of other professionals use exercise to solve mental blocks and make decisions – including Jeremy Paxman, Sir Alan Sugar and Spandau Ballet. A study found that just 25 minutes of aerobic exercise boosts at least one measure of creative thinking. Credit goes to the flow of oxygen to your grey matter when it matters most, sparking your neurons and giving you breathing space away from the muddle and pressures of ‘real life’.



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