The Journey Through The Pain, or How I Am Battling My unHealthy

Hey, did you hear, Strong is The New Skinny!? I am just messing with you. This motto has been around for a while now. Some of us prefer skinny, others love curvy and there are many women admiring strong and muscle-ly.

Let me be honest with you if I could be skinny I would. However this is not my genetics. So far I didn’t seem to have much success in bulking up either but I am on the mission… on the mission to change!

strong women


I went back to Jamie Eason’s 12 week training plan as I find it possible to work with time and exercise volume wise. Due to my busy lifestyle I don’t have spare 2-3 hours a day for training so I have to fit into 45-60 minutes instead. Jamie’s program usually allows such luxury. I’ve been lifting weights for 7 weeks now only starting light cardio 2 weeks ago. I must say, cardio isn’t going as great as it used to. I really struggle. Although I am trail running again I find it increasing hard to run due to restricted breathing and, surprise, really sore legs. I find that my legs take it longer than 48 hours to recover (after the gym). What an unusual situation for me! On the happy side, I am not as exhausted as I used to be now which makes me very happy.


A few months back I struggled to recover from a flue after flu after flu. Therefore I visited a doctor finding out that my liver was damaged. As the doctor continued to persuade me in my alcoholism I kept saying NO to such allegations! Scared, upset and confused I waited for another month  and repeated my test – clean as a whistle! My liver functionality was back to normal. The doctor didn’t apologise for her silly assumptions but I didn’t care anymore. I was again strong and healthy. However that doesn’t explain gained weight, first ever sticking belly (food baby?), longer recovering sore muscles and 6 months of flu… So I am on the mission to understand my body better and find some answers. 

I’ve now been exercising for 7 weeks, not really working too hard for the first 4 weeks treating them as the sizing up period going really light buy regular. Finishing my phase 1 was exciting as I was ready to step into the Phase 2 which I am half way through now. This is where 30 mins daily cardio steps in plus all the weights exercises are now becoming heavier. I truly wasn’t ready for it! As a result, I decided to blame my eating routine because I know myself and I’ve never been clean enough for long enough. Although I’ve only really embraced the well eating and nutrition last week I would usually see the results fairly soon. Not this time! So I browsed a few fitness & bodybuilding eating routines realising that without any knowledge I have been eating extremely well balancing my nutrition and even guessing the correct fruit and treats so I maintain good amount of calories for the amount of exercise I am currently performing. Truly puzzled and slightly annoyed  I decided to bring the big guns. Supplementation is my next step.


I have always (since I moved to Australia) been exercising with supplements including protein powder, acids, glusamine, fat burners and energy pre-workouts which I always found incredibly helpful. Going natural this time was a conscious decision due my, I believe, not the strongest digestive system. Regardless, I’ve been exercising for 7 weeks with no supplements whatsoever therefore I am currently researching the market. I will be covering the supplements in a separate blog post as I am planning to review a few.

I now would like to share a few lean recipes. This is coming from someone like me who hates cooking. If I were I’d be noting these down 🙂  Bueno Appetite!

Lean Brekkie Sandwich

Spaghetti & meatballs

Shrimp stir fry



Please feel free to share your eating tricks or exercise advice in the comments below. Join the conversation on Twitter @TheContentQ 


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