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A review of ‘The War is Over’ by Yoko Ono

Anna's Publications - A review of ‘The War is Over’ by Yoko Ono

What my peers would usually find odd, inappropriate and out of context, was depicted throughout Yoko Ono’s exhibition. There was everything from a short film of moving bum cheeks (BOTTOMS), stripping with the help of scissors (CUT PIECE) and doors with sky puddles (SKY PUDDLES) illustrating Yoko Ono’s personality, beliefs and feelings.

When interpreting Sky Puddles, Yoko says that “doors are just a figment of our imagination”. She suggested that barriers only exist in our minds and we need strength and courage to pass on through it. Read more…

Aris-tait pops up in Double Bay

Aris-tait pops up in Double Bay.

On Friday, the 6th of December, a new vision clothing brand launched its first collection. Aris-tait has now been born! The celebration drinks and an opportunity to meet the designer took place in Double Bay in a pop up shop at 7 Bay Street.

 Although it was a busy Friday night when Double Bay was getting comfortable in wines bars, Aris-tait shop was buzzing accommodating guests and curious passing by fashion addicts… Read more

Is Your Refrigerator Running?


Although there are no weight-loss secrets, many keep asking for an advice on how to become skinnier, fitter or stronger. Since the humankind moved on from chasing their own food and living in a cave, a lot changed in our diet as well as the amount of time we spend motion-less. Evolution is what many of us strive for. Development, discoveries and enhancement of our lives is what our health ministers are working on. Meanwhile, the population of Earth is becoming taller, wider, fatter, slower and unhealthier. This doesn’t make sense!

Nobody likes negative writing, opinions and reviews. Negative upsets people and makes them feel uncomfortable. Maybe this is the time for someone superior to write a negative review on the human kind so we face the truth and start adapting new way of living… Read more

Make-up Can Make A Difference

Anna's Publications: Make-up Can Make A Difference

Anna with Gillian Franklin from Heat Group & Julia McPhee from Aris-tait

On Monday, November the 18th 2013, cosmetics distributor the Heat Group and not-for-profit Fitted For Work celebrated the launch of a partnership that will see both organisations working together to help women experiencing disadvantages in the workplace. Read more…

Aris-tait launch

Summer is days away; and everyone is getting dressed up in their finest outfits filling Sydney bars, restaurants and clubs up, showing off new dresses and suits. Summer is a beautiful time for new beginnings and fun outings. After a long day in the office or by the beach, all the Sydneysiders and City guests are gathering for a relaxing drink or a delicious meal in funky Newtown, iconic Bondi and insomniac CBD. Sydney night life is a parade of colors and styles. Read more…

Anna's Publications: Aris-tait ;aunch in Sydney Chic

Catching a White Christmas

Anna's Publications: Catching a White Christmas

Although Australians often prefer to surround themselves with all the family members during Christmas holidays, some prefer new adventures. Whilst Down Under is following its Slip Slop Slap tradition at Christmas time, the northern hemisphere is gathering around a log fire, putting fur coats, gloves and hats on. On the other hand, a white ‘Christmas’ is only possible in Australia around winter months from June to August (hence Xmas in July celebrations) whilst the northern hemisphere is relaxing in the warmth of summer.

Great news! It is possible to have White Christmas in summer! A cold Russian Christmas in the middle of winter is not for everyone. However for the bravest, Russia has an excellent variety of Christmas celebrations on offer. A luxury dinner next to Red Square and wild bear hunting in the forests of Siberia are only a small taste of what Russia has to offer. Read more… 

A Weekend on the Tree Top of Sydney

Anna's Publications: A Weekend on the Tree Top of Sydney

A beautiful Sydney is full of surprises. Arriving to Sydney and only stopping by Opera House, Ivy Pool and Hyde Park Barracks alongside with the Taranga Zoo, Aquarium, Kings Cross and Parliament means not fully trying the city out. Sydney has a lot more to offer.

One of the most gorgeous mornings in the world are not only on the coast but in the bush. Australia is a well-known country for its wide and endless land. Bush trackers were always highly regarded native people in Australia (of course before GPS took over). Bush walking is one of the attractions which is a must for adventure seekers, holiday makers, explorers and get away cravers. Australia is not for the weak but for the tough – everyone heard of Australia’s wildlife, learning that almost everything on the ground and in the water is trying to kill you. It is not true if you are in the air!

Treetop Adventure is a unique collaboration of flying foxes, tree to tree on suspension bridges, lianas, spider web like robes 20 meters above the ground in the forest. Read more…

Runners Rushing into Running: Common Problems

Runners Rushing into Running: Common Problems

No one, from well-known politicians including Tony Abbott to senior citizens, men and women in wheel chairs, blind people and kids in prams, could resist the urge to get up early on Sunday morning and run 14 km from the City to the beach. Everyone has a different level of fitness, some are getting back or starting over their running experience. Whatever the reason is, getting ready for a long distance run can be literally painful. How to get into running avoiding common runners problems? Read p. 40 of the October issue. Read more…

Does Weather Affect Your Mood

Anna's Publications: Does Weather Affect Your Mood

Initially borrowed from my blog, Does Weather Affect Your Mood was a result of my stubbornness. Getting into argument with my lecturer over his statement that weather doesn’t affect humans’ mood inspired me to research it and shape my own view on the topic. See what the truth is on p. 46 of the October issue. Read more…. 

Top Eight Running Wisdom Tips by Anna Kochetkova

Anna's Publications : running for the first time

Your first race can be a very nervous and sometimes scary event. Although we most certainly know it is just in our heads, we cannot stop worrying escalating our endless “what if” questions.

It can be helpful if you get to talk to someone who has done a race or two, either a fun run or a marathon, before the day comes. Picking some tips and inspirational ideas up often calms new runners down. However, while some people browse forums or go out trying to meet the veteran runners, others are not sure where to start.

There are eight pre-race wisdoms runners have collected over many years. Every runner has started somewhere one day, went through very similar nerves and now stress-free road or trail runner. Running veterans are always eager to share their tips so more and more newbies enter the running community fear-free. Read more…

Modern Fitness Evolutionary Synthesis, or How Fitness Evolved

Anna's Publications: Modern Fitness Evolutionary Synthesis, or How Fitness Evolved

Fispiration, fitness blogs, The Biggest Loser TV show, Women’s Health magazine, tones of sport appeal and more, more, more… It is some sort of fitness worshippers’ invasion. Several gyms per one suburb, swimming pools, marathons and fun runs each week and this especially annoying social media fitness status updates and check-ins. The world has changed. Social media enables fitness fed to spread across the world quicker than ever; and it is starting to feel like an alien invasion thriller movie. Read more… [p. 18] 

Your gym behind the desk

If you are an office worker, you probably spend seven to nine hours (a day) of sitting down in front of your computer, typing your day away. White collar workers used to be forced to walk to colleagues’ desks or offices to pass on a document or have a conversation, nowadays it can be done by sending an e-mail.As a result, many people are missing out on the all-important daily dose of exercise. Read more…

Liar, Liar – Pants On Fire!

Anna's publications: Liar, Liar – Pants On Fire!

We often despise liars. At the same time many of us claim that “a sweet lie is better than the bitter truth” and we all know that “truth hurts”. However did you know that deceit, or lying, lies at the very heart of our cultural heritage, says David Livingstone Smith, the co-founder and director of the New England Institute for Cognitive Science and Evolutionary Studies and the author of “Why We Lie: The Evolutionary Roots of Deception and the Unconscious Mind”. In fact, almost all kind of animals are skillful liars and deliberately mislead their enemies. Only humans though are configured to deceive both themselves and others. Read more…

A Job Search Story: The Russian Hunter in Australia

A Job Search Story: The Russian Hunter in Australia

I do not fall under Australia born or skilled migrants’ category; however also struggled to find the job of my dreams for a very long time. I have been an international student in Sydney since 2008 which made my journey even more difficult. As an international student in Australia, I am legally allowed to work 20 hours per week during the school period (and 40 hours during holidays) which eliminates a large number of potential jobs. Read more…

Travelers’ Cultural Jet Lag: Survival and Adaptation

Travelers’ Cultural Jet Lag: Survival and Adaptation

Australia is constantly expanding! Almost 6 million migrants, born in over 200 countries, live in Australia. According to Australian Bureau of Statistics, 27% of Australia’s resident population was born overseas (June 2010). In 2008–09, international students in Australia reached a record high of 122,400 students. Anna Kochetkova is one of these students and here she shares her story on what it’s like to move to Australia from a country which is not only the other side of the planet, but English is also the second language. Read more…


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