Australian Wonders: Oberon, Aussie High Country

Australia is stunning! Although I have not seen even a half of it I am absolutely in love with it. NSW, the state where I am currently living,  is a state on the east coast of Australia. It borders Queensland to the north, Victoria to the south, South Australia to the west, the Tasman Sea to the east and surrounds the whole of the Australian Capital Territory. New South Wales’s capital city is Sydney, which is also the state’s most populous city. As of June 2013, the estimated population of New South Wales was 7.4 million, making it Australia’s most populous state.

New South Wales 

NSW is a large area where Sydney fits in nicely however doesn’t take up the most of it. The Blue Mountains, one of the lovely areas closer to Sydney, is a mountainous region in New South Wales. It borders on Sydney’s metropolitan area, its foothills starting about 50 kilometres west of the state capital. The public’s understanding of the extent of the Blue Mountains is varied, as it forms only part of an extensive mountainous area associated with the Great Dividing Range. Officially the Blue Mountains is bounded by the Nepean and Hawkesbury Rivers in the east, the Coxs River and Lake Burragorang to the west and south, and the Wolgan and Colo Rivers to the north. Geologically, it is situated in the central parts of the Sydney Basin.

Australian Wonders: Oberon, Aussie High Country Sydney - Oberon

It is STUNNING and it is one of my favorite places in NSW. However a little pass (sort of another 2 hours of driving) Blue Mountains there is a small country town called Oberon. This is where my partner was born and lived till about 17 years old. He has now been in Sydney for over 10 years however we come back to Oberon as often as we can.


Oberon is a king of the fairies in medieval and Renaissance literature. He is best known as a character in William Shakespeare’s play A Midsummer Night’s Dream, in which he is Consort to Titania, Queen of the Fairies. However many Australians do not see Oberon as kings’ place or anything similar to it. On the contrary, they perceive it as a fairly poor and dodgy area of NSW. Oberon area, though, has A LOT of cool stuff to offer!

Australian Wonders: Oberon, Aussie High Country mushrooms

First of all, depending on where you are coming from, Oberon and its surroundings can appear an absolutely fairy tale or a nightmare.

I was born (and lived for 22 years) in Russia, Moscow, a large city of over 15 million people living together in one place. At the 2011 census, Oberon had a population of 2,459 people (whaaaaat!?). Oberon, to me, is a tiny fairy tale, SOOO different that every time I ask a question, my Australian partner feels embarrassed (giggling). Believe it or not, I am not being rude, I simply lack the local “common sense” because landing to Oberon, to me, was like landing on Mars.

My partner’s family members are all farmers running over 1500 acres of land with sheep and cows, living a common for them lifestyle. Getting up with the Sun (or often before it) and going to bed around 11pm each night, they lives infused with hard labor, business planning and drought worrying most of the year.

I, on the contrary, have never seen a sheep in my life before my first arrival to the farm in 2010. Are you now laughing?! I would if I were you (giggling). Believe it or not, as a city sleeker to bones I find leaf racking to be one of the most exciting types of fun I’ve ever had in my life (well, one OF). I was born and grew up in a three bedroom apartment in the city where the coolest fun I had was getting drunk with my classmates and hang around shops (awful, i know).

Australian Wonders: Oberon, Aussie High Country farm collage

Although Oberon is not the prettiest place on the planet it has some AMAZING stories ‘living’ there. This is why as soon as I walked in home (after a weekend on the farm) and sat down to type this post. I’ve been travelling to the farm and back since 2010 and heard / seen so many fascinating stories I’ve never written about before. Today I decided to re-tell one.

As we were driving around the farm (yes, you cannot walk around it, it is toooooooo big) my partner’s dad pointed at one of the houses down in the gully telling a story of a guy (who is in his 60s now) who used to WALK to school BAREFOOT every day (it snows there in winter there by the way) setting rabbit traps on the way so he had his lunch caught by the time he was ready to walk back home. How far away was his school? I am glad you wonder! It was 20 km away from his home!!! OMG!

As I mentioned earlier, Oberon area has a lot of wonders to offer. For example, Jenolan caves which I visited on multiple occasions now. If you are ever in the area, please visit it.

The Caves

Jenolan Caves are caves in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia; 175 kilometres west of Sydney. They are the most visited of several similar groups in the limestone of the country, and the most ancient discovered open caves in the world.

Australian Wonders: Oberon, Aussie High Country Jenolan Caves

There are some fascinating stories in these caves, animals fossils and absolutely stunning views. There is also an old hotel which I was lucky enough to stay once. It is a truly ghosts hotel, stunning and really mysterious!

Australian Wonders: Oberon, Aussie High Country Jenolan Caves hotel

Caves, bushwalking and waterfalls… I mean, what else can you dream of!!! If you think it is not enough, jup in your car and drive another couple of hours to Lithgow to see glowing worms! NOTE: please get a 4W drive or a similar car for that trip. I am SERIOUS! You don’t want to permanently screw your car getting there (just like we did).

Glowing Worms

The Newnes glow worm tunnel is a disused railway tunnel in the Wolgan Valley, New South Wales, Australia, that is famous for its resident glow worms, the bioluminescent larvae of Arachnocampa richardsae, a type of fungus gnat.

The 600-metre tunnel was bored through the sandstone in 1907 as part of the Newnes railway line that served the Newnes Oil Shale mines that operated during the early 20th century. The railway was closed in 1932 and the rails were pulled out of the tunnel.

Australian Wonders: Oberon, Aussie High Country Glow Worms Tunnel

The tunnel is now within the Wollemi National Park and is a popular attraction for bushwalkers and tourists. In addition to the glow worms, the area features spectacular gorges, caves and scenery. The site is maintained by the National Parks and Wildlife Service.

AWESOME bushwalk and breathtaking adventure! I absolutely LOVE this place and come back whenever I have a chance to do so.

Dubbo Animals 

Finally, I want to share another piece of cool info with you. If you jump in your car and drive persistently from Oberon to Dubbo you will enjoy an awesome 3 hour adventure. On the way, locals placed sculptures of Aussie animals they hand crafted out of … whatever they found, I guess. Cows made of tyres, flying foxes put together using bits and pieces of an old tractor and more more more! It is SOOO much fun!

Moreover, Dubbo is a pretty interesting place to explore and learn about. I will NOT tell you why because you now have to travel there AND blog about what you’ve learnt about it. It is a pretty peculiar piece of history, old good Dubbo! PLEASE SHARE YOUR STORY BY LEAVING THE LINK TO YOUR BLOG POST IN THE COMMENTS. Thank you for stopping by today 🙂 

Australian Wonders: Oberon, Aussie High Country Dubbo drive

Australian Wonders: Oberon, Aussie High Country  Dubbo animals

Australian Wonders: Oberon, Aussie High Country in Dubbo

Australian Wonders: Oberon, Aussie High Country on the way to Dubbo